• Breaking Bitter

    Probably our most to-style beer. We aimed to make a very malt-forward ale utilizing traditional ingredients that would have been used for a bitter. And, in BTP style, we upped the ante with boatloads of East Kent Goldings hops to give off a massive floral, grassy and citrusy aroma, followed by an amazingly balanced flavour, plus a big hop-forward finish with lots of sweet malt.

    5.2% ABV

    37 IBU
  • This Weeks Hoppy Beer

    This Weeks Hoppy Beer is exactly what you would expect from us. Loads of mouth watering hops, a great malt backbone and a crush-ability factor of about 10. There is a huge aromatic note from all the hops that we used in the beer (see said beer’s name) alongside a really well defined, creamy mouth feel. This Weeks Hoppy Beer is one of the best hoppy beers we have to offer.

    5.2% ABV

    50 IBU

    Grapefruit zest and pulp are used to insert the character of the fruit into the beer, and hops are carefully selected to emphasize the citrus notes. Don’t expect this to taste like the first course of Sunday breakfast; the fruit flavour is subtle, and the bitter quality of the grapefruit is balanced by a bit of sweetness in the finish.

    6.0% ABV

    20 IBU
  • Rye Guy

    Rye Guy is a West Coast style IPA that uses a ton of rye malt as part of the all-Canadian grain bill. American hops give it distinctive citrus and pine notes. The result is a crisp, full-bodied beer that is surprisingly sessionable for 52 IBUs.

    6.7% ABV

    52 IBU
  • The Darkness

    Think you've tasted a robust stout? Think again. The Darkness is an incredibly dark and creamy beer that will overwhelm the palate with loads of dark chocolate and coffee flavours.

    5.6% ABV

    30 IBU

    Get ready for a party in your mouth as Belgian Tripel meets west coast style IIPA. Big tropical hop aroma and flavour is backed up by 9% of malty awesome. And there's just enough spice from the belgian yeast to know that something funky is going on! It's so tasty that at 9.0% ABV people from all walks of life can tap into their inner party animal.

    9.0% ABV

    65 IBU
  • Imperial Super Guy

    The granddaddy of our Rye Guy IPA. More grain! More hops! The result is an incredibly flavourful yet balanced Imperial IPA. A big malt flavour up front presents in the form of rich caramel and serves to balance the high bitterness of a beer weighing in at 90 IBUs. The result is a nice, lingering, spicy taste on the tongue that is sure to make you feel super.

    9.1% ABV

    90 IBU


Beyond the Pale was started as a small neighbourhood brewery by three local guys who grew up, went to school, and currently reside in the neighbourhood. Equipped with an old 400L brew system and a belief that there was room in the market for somebody wanting to make a variety of full flavour, unique beers, we embarked on our journey in early 2012. The concept was simple: make a variety of beers that WE wanted to drink and create a tasting opportunity for our customers to come into the brewery to decide what they liked, and buy to go.

During our first year of operation we released over 20 different beers, underwent one expansion, and our MO remains the same as it was in the beginning. In addition to the retail store our beers can also be found in over 30 local bars and restaurants.

You can be sure when you pick up a glass or bottle of our beer that you're drinking a fresh local product. We work that little old brew house like a pack mule to crank out as much beer as possible. Nearly all of our beer is sold to customers within a week of leaving our brite tanks. That's freshness that's hard to find elsewhere.

So come drop by the brewery at 5 Hamilton Ave N in Hintonburg. You better believe that we are as serious about brewing beer as you are about drinking it! Strollers, bikes, dogs, and even non beer drinkers are welcome into the brewery to see what we're all about.

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