• This is Not A Pumpkin Beer

    Seriously, no pumpkins were harmed in the making of this beer. We like pumpkins in dessert and hops in beer so we chose Simcoe and Citra to deliver a fresh dose of resinous pine flavour to a medium bodied ale.

    6.2% ABV

    54 IBU
  • Juicy Dream!

    Sitting at the dividing line between easy drinking american pale ale and hop-loaded aromatic IPA, we brewed this North East style ale with a variety of 6 different hop strains from New Zealand and North America. To enhance the fresh and fruity qualities of the hop treatment we used raw wheat and oats to add a cloud-like consistency to the mouthfeel. A cloud bursting with hops? Whose dream am I in?

    6.0% ABV

    50 IBU
  • Novemberfest

    Hold on to your lederhosen! We brewed our version of an Oktoberfestbier to bring the party back once more before next year. Novemberfest is a copper coloured festbier that underwent cold fermentation for that mildly malty and crisp flavour designed for repeat stein fillings.

    6.0% ABV

    18 IBU
  • The Gravity of Winter

    Our cold weather porter is brewed with 7 different malts and fermented with a Scottish ale yeast. It boasts a medley of chocolate and coffee roast flavour with an underlying dark fruit character. We may not always embrace the colder winter days, but we sure know how to make them tolerable!

    7.5% ABV

    26 IBU
  • The Business

    The Business is a spin-off of our perennial Belgian IPA , The Mullet (Business in the front, Party in the back). This IPA features a slightly different hop-bill than its Belgian relative, utilizing Amarillo and Simcoe hops, backed by an American ale yeast. The Business is all about the hops, and when it's time to Business, we will Business hard!

    6% ABV

    50 IBU
  • Furious Orchid

    Built on a pale barley and wheat ale base and fermented with a homegrown yeast culture derived from a melange of belgian lambics and american sours, this champagne style ale is the result of voracious microflora preying from the depths of aged oak staves for over 3 years. A network of elderflower, apricot pit and citrus pith will help set the course for your journey into the microbial unknown.

    6.1% ABV

    0 IBU
  • Winter Reprieve

    Fermented with a farmhouse sour yeast and dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Mandarina Bavaria. A massively fruity rustic style saison with a new world hop profile.

    % ABV

  • Tribute to the Lupulus Fields

    This beer pays homage to the indispensable hop yards that grow our beloved green flowers. Columbus hops happen to be one of the grandfather varietals that were fundamental in the creation of the modern IPA and remain timeless to this day. This beer was heavily dry-hopped with Columbus, slightly less heavily dry-hopped with Amarillo and indeed exhibits flavours of resinous pine with a smooth earthy spiciness. In our version of heaven the pearly gates are emerald and wrapped with infinite coils of lupulus!

    6.7% ABV

    60 IBU
  • Pink Fuzz

    Not your bavarian grandfather's wheat beer. Rather than adorn the glass with a fresh slice of citrus we choose to infuse the entire batch with a veritable orchard of grapefruit zest. This american style wheat ale utilizes west coast american hop bill to emphasize the use of citrus in the brewing process. Move over mimosa, this town ain't big enough for the both of us.

    6.0% ABV

    20 IBU
  • Rye Guy

    Our flagship IPA is our go-to all season beverage. Rye comprises a third of the all-Canadian grain bill which offers its characteristic sweetness and spice. Our personified lumberjack, Rye Guy, finds it’s unbreakable log-rolling balance with an array of juicy west coast hops. Tastes great with spicy food and looks great with beards, plaid and general wilderness etiquette.

    6.7% ABV

    52 IBU
  • The Darkness

    What lurks in the husks of chocolate malt and roasted barley? Why, the necessary brew-stuff to produce a robust and creamy stout emanating boldly roasted coffee and dark chocolate flavours. The richness of the roast finds it's textural delivery by way of a velvet oatmeal blanket.

    5.6% ABV

    30 IBU
  • Party Animal

    This deceptive behemoth earns its title for being the most enticing of high-octane imperials. Party Animal is a rollercoaster flavour-ride, marrying notes of tropical fruit from New Zealand/Australian hop varietals to a tingling spice of Belgian yeast. Mood is contagious and this party favour is guaranteed to ignite any modest social gathering. In times of dullness and despair, one need only imbibe this magic elixir to unleash their wild side. WARNING: side effects include but are not limited to shenanigans, tomfoolery and horseplay.

    9.0% ABV

    65 IBU
  • Aromatherapy

    Brewed in the spirit of freshly canned Vermont beers, this IPA is intensely dry-hopped with Citra & Mosaic to produce a rich floral and citrus bouquet with bittering support coming from Amarillo and Centennial. The pale malt bill puts the sumptuous hop profile into focus, coalescing in a bright and refreshing east coast IPA.

    6.5% ABV

    55 IBU
  • Pale Ale Project

    The 7th interaction of our pale ale series adds a fresh dose of Mosaic hops to the bright and citrusy all-star lineup of Citra, Simcoe, and Amarrillo hops. This batch will mark the conclusion of our experimental phase before we begin canning the final product.

    4.9%% ABV

    28 IBU
  • Stick ‘em Up

    This double IPA was brewed with an abundance of Simcoe and Citra hops and exudes luscious and resinous pine flavour. It's smooth criminality takes root in a sturdy foundation of orange hued two-row malt.. Hop heads, heed the call of the conifer!

    8.6% ABV

    65 IBU
  • Orange Is the New Pink

    It is so simple, take our best selling flagship and tweak it. Honey Bell oranges en lieu of the crisp and zesty grapefruit. A silly amount of the super fruity mosaic hops plays well with the juicy sweet hand of the oranges. A touch of pith bitterness builds with every sip, alongside the fresh fruit and hop character. Orange you glad we make fun beer.

    6% ABV

    21 IBU
  • Joyride

    Joyride (in a rocket powered growler van) is a distinct intergalactic vehicle prepped to launch your tastebuds into orbit. Brewed with a portion of rye malt atop a wheat & pilsner base, we accelerated the french saison yeast into overdrive to give a full flavoured rustic yeast character. Expect loads of spice with a dead-stop dry finish and persistent yeast flavour in lieu of bitterness. Whether you are going to the beach, the moon or Sandy Hill, this is the fuel to take you there.

    6.2%% ABV

    12 IBU
  • DarkERness

    Don’t fear dark beer! Darkness’ imperial version loads up on rich, chocolate and robust, roasted coffee, packing a warming caress of sweet alcohol on the finish. Our hopping choices and schedule allow this brew to be big on hops and even bigger on flavour!

    10.2% ABV

    55 IBU
  • Mullet

    We brewed Mullet to complement Party Animal our Double Belgium IPA. Mullet comes in at a lower ABV, but is still heavy loaded with back end hops, which produces notes of pineapple, mango and red grape. Despite the pounds of hops that go into this beer it is not bitter. Instead it has a malty sweetness similar to a sweet bread that compliments the hop profile and the banana, clove, phenolic of the Belgium yeast.

    5.8% ABV

    49 IBU
  • Drink Me Now

    A whole cone hopped harvest ale with Cascade sourced from Bristol Hop Yards as well as local gardens that have participated in our community Grow-Hop!

    5.4% ABV

    n/a IBU


Beyond the Pale was started as a small neighbourhood brewery by three local guys who grew up, went to school, and currently reside in the neighbourhood. Equipped with an old 400L brew system and a belief that there was room in the market for somebody wanting to make a variety of full flavour, unique beers, we embarked on our journey in early 2012. The concept was simple: make a variety of beers that WE wanted to drink and create a tasting opportunity for our customers to come into the brewery to decide what they liked, and buy to go.

During our first year of operation we released over 20 different beers, underwent one expansion, and our MO remains the same as it was in the beginning. In addition to the retail store our beers can also be found in over 30 local bars and restaurants.

You can be sure when you pick up a glass or bottle of our beer that you're drinking a fresh local product. We work that little old brew house like a pack mule to crank out as much beer as possible. Nearly all of our beer is sold to customers within a week of leaving our brite tanks. That's freshness that's hard to find elsewhere.

So come drop by the brewery at 5 Hamilton Ave N in Hintonburg. You better believe that we are as serious about brewing beer as you are about drinking it! Strollers, bikes, dogs, and even non beer drinkers are welcome into the brewery to see what we're all about.

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